In the latest incident of Iran-backed Houthi rebel attacks on commercial ships navigating the Red Sea, a US-owned, Greek-flagged dry bulk carrier, the Sea Champion, sustained two missile attacks on Monday in the Gulf of Aden, according to UK-based global maritime risk management firm Ambrey.

The vessel was sailing from Argentina to Aden with a cargo of grain and with 23 crew members onboard including five Greek nationals, sources from the Greek Ministry of Shipping reported, all of whom are reported to be in good health.

The same sources noted that the ship itself was not hit. Two attempts were made, both of which missed the ship by 15 meters, with only one window in one of the ship’s cranes being shattered.

The vessel, the Sea Champion, is managed by Mega Shipping Line, based in Piraeus, according to Equasis data, a quality shipping information system.

The strikes came hours after the US’s central military command (Centcom) said it had identified a submarine drone among the Houthis’ military arsenal for the first time.