For Greece it’s a matter of principle to provide solidarity to anyone defending themselves and to anyone affected by aggression in any form, Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis said on Wednesday from Yerevan, in concluding his trip to Armenia.

He added that Athens aims to ensure that it always provides for necessary solidarity and security to Armenia, a land with which Grece enjoys centuries-long historical ties.

“Particularly today at a time when territorial integrity is under significant pressure because of events in the south Caucasus,” he noted.

“It’s particularly important, both as a symbol but also as a provision of good services on behalf of Greece to Armenia, to help our friend and ally country at all international forums…In the EU, at UNESCO for global cultural heritage, and wherever else required, so that a solution is found, one which will be just and sustainable and will reflect the principles of the UN’s Charter on territorial integrity, the inviolability of borders and the avoidance of any hostile act”.