Greek Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, speaking on local television channel SKAI, today, highlighted Greece’s plans to develop an air defense system modeled after Israel‘s standards known as the “Iron Dome”.

When queried about Israel’s missile interception methods, Dendias stressed the need for Greece to be vigilant, citing the necessity for an anti-aircraft and anti-drone defense dome, particularly in light of global conflicts like those in Ukraine.

Expressing concern over Middle East tensions, Dendias voiced his desire for de-escalation, emphasizing the united stance of Israel’s allies against Iran’s aggression.

He emphasized the economic repercussions of regional instability, noting disruptions in maritime traffic and rising prices in Europe due to the situation in the Red Sea. “Already there are economic impacts from the situation in the Red Sea as maritime communications have been disrupted. Sixty percent do not pass through the Suez Canal, products are missing, and prices are rising in Europe.” he stated.

With reference to Turkey’s defense efforts Dendias acknowledged that the neighboring country has made strides in this regard, highlighting the need for Greece to catch up and invest in defense infrastructure, albeit noting that such developments won’t occur immediately, with budget allocations earmarked as part of the 2030 agenda.