Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that Europe should be able to issue Eurobonds dedicated exclusively to bolstering its military defense industry during remarks to the press in Brussels, on Thursday, where is taking part in a two-day EU Summit organized by the Council of the EU.

“Greece must remain fortified, and for this, it should explore new ways to finance defense expenditures,” underscored Mitsotakis as he attended the European Council Summit in Brussels.

The Greek PM said that strategic self-determination of Europe means more investments in military equipment, adding that Greece had exceeded 2% of its defense spending as a percentage of GDP in recent years. “This is not the case for other European countries. If Europe wants to remain defensively fortified, it must explore new ways to finance defense expenditures,” the PM added.

On the issue of the prospect of the issuance of Eurobonds by the EU, Mitsotakis stated it was time to ensure European defense and security adding he hoped substantive talks would be held at the European Council to this effect.

Commenting on the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, Mitsiotakis called for a ceasefire and the release of hostages in Gaza, expressing hope that the Summit would reach concrete conclusions and recognize that “what is happening is a humanitarian catastrophe.”

As he said, “Greece is firmly committed to resolving the Palestinian issue through the two-state solution.”

Responding about whether Turkey would be on the agenda, the Greek Prime Minister replied “there will be a discussion about Turkey, and I believe we could reach conclusions reflecting the existing framework of Euro-Turkish relations.”