Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced public servants meeting targets set by the government would receive a bonus during a cabinet meeting in Athens on Monday.

“Our goal is to reward those public servants who not only succeed but exceed the targets we have set,” the PM said.

The agenda included several issues, with the PM broaching, among other things, expediting the pace of reforms to address the inherent problems plaguing the state apparatus to improve the everyday lives of the Greek citizens.

In his remarks, Mitsotakis focused on the Parliamentary discussion about the “very important bill”, as he called it, on judicial reforms, scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 30. With the new bill, as the PM said: “The government aims to accelerate the delivery of justice by up to 30% by 2027”.

The Greek Prime Minister also referred to the link between the speeding up of judicial decisions by the Supreme Court with economic investments and the impact on the progress of major projects

As he noted, the provisions in the new bill, apart from aiding in the acceleration of court decisions are “prerequisites necessary for the economy to remain on a trajectory of significant growth and for the rule of law to be safeguarded.”

“The new framework sets strict conditions, limits postponements, and assigns specific cases to specific judges to facilitate accountability, oversight, and accountability”.