As Greek parties are stepping up their election campaigns ahead of the European elections in June, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged voters to avoid indifference and cast their ballot rallying his supporters from the island of Chios on Friday.

Mitsotakis, who visited the Chios Town Hall and the offices of the North Aegean Region, warned Greek citizens that voting in the upcoming European Parliament elections was imperative in light of the serious geopolitical turmoil.

“Consider how much more challenging things are in 2024 compared to 2019 regarding geopolitical instabilities. With a war in Ukraine, with an open front in the Middle East, Europe will be called upon in the next five years to play a much stronger geopolitical role, and Greece must be a protagonist in this evolution of Europe into a new geopolitical power. We have both the reason and the interest to be protagonists in this great effort,” the Prime Minister emphasized addressing local residents.

“Political stability is the main aim of the European elections.”

The PM said political stability was at stake in the European Elections calling on voters to “once again” send a message to opposition parties that nothing had changed since New Democracy (ND) received the mandate in the national elections “to govern for four years and to initiate the significant reforms that the country so desperately needs”.

He added, “So, at the polls on June 9th, I want to ask everyone to make this great effort of rallying our faction again, to go and vote, not to approach these elections with any sense of relaxation or indifference.”