The Greek financial authorities launched a new online platform for the issuance of debt certificates on Wednesday as announced by the General Secretariat of Financial Affairs and Private Debt Management.

The digital platform, which is part of the Greek government’s efforts to streamline citizens’ interactions with public and state administrative services, will allow taxpayers to verify their outstanding debts to social security bodies, financial organizations, and public sector organizations.

Citizens can access the new platform here by using their personal Taxinet details.

As was announced by the competent authorities, the new service will operate complementarily and does not replace the established obligation of “servicers” – an organization that collects debt payments on behalf of a lender – according to Law 5072/2023 to install applications and personalized information systems for borrowers until March 30, 2024.

To assist concerned debtors in using the debt certification platform, a support service is available through representatives of the General Secretariat by appointment via the digital platform or by calling 213 212 5730.