The Court ruled that Greece was obligated to pay the applicants – three Syrian nationals – €80,000 in respect of non-pecuniary damage (things that have no clear monetary value that have been damaged by the defendant. These include mental anguish and pain and suffering.)

This is Payne’s second visit to Greece in a short spell, as the director, of Greek descent, (born Alexander Constantine Papadopoulos) attended the nationwide premier in Greece of “The Holdovers”, starring Paul Giamatti, at the Thessaloniki Film Festival eight months ago.

The newly discovered temple’s nave revealed several hearths, one of which contained an ash-caked altar holding fragments of charred bone, pottery, vases, alabaster artifacts, and a trove of jewelry made from gold, silver, coral, and amber. Amulets and bronze and iron fittings were also among the remarkable findings. Notably, some of the unearthed pottery predates the temple itself.

Last year was the first time that expatriate Greeks were allowed to vote in a general election from abroad. As such, 22,764 registered to vote in the national election in June 2023. Now, with voting registration limitations set to be eliminated and voting by mail established, the Diaspora has a real chance to voice its opinion at the ballot box.