Yesterday’s News Wrap-up includes the following:

Airbnb: The Cities Greeks Choose for Vacations Abroad & Home

Airbnb also indicated that rooms were emerging as a favorite category among the platform’s users with Greeks being no exception. There was a steady rise in family trips, including Greek families or families based in Greece, as bookings for Spring vacations witnessed an increase of about 12% compared to last year.

Unilever: The Implications of Ice Cream Division Spin-off on the Greek Market

The ice cream sector, featuring brands such as Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Viennetta, Carte d’Or, Cornetto, among others, which represents 16% of the multinational group’s total sales, did not have the expected performance in 2023 as desired by the management.

F-16 Jet Crashed near Halkidiki – Pilot Safe

The latest reports suggest the pilot was rescued and is being transported to Lemnos for medical aid and if deemed necessary, to the 251 Air Force General Hospital.

Greek PM Mitsotakis At Official Delivery Ceremony of MH-60 ROMEO Seahawk Helicopters – ‘We Must Stay Vigilant’

The three helicopters, out of a total of 7 scheduled to be delivered to Greece, are the latest and most versatile version of the Seahawk series and are expected to significantly improve the capabilities of the Greek Navy.

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