The news was announced by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), which explained that two UAVs approached the merchant vessel, whereby the Greek warship shot one down one of the UAVs and drove the other away. Afterwards the frigate continued to sail near the merchant vessel for protection.

Additionally, certain facilities are also being offered to the highest bidder at the large port of Patras, western Greece, and the increasingly important port of Alexandroupolis, in extreme northeast Greece. Another tender offers up a tract of land in the Fyli municipality, due west of Athens, for the creation of a logistic center.

The Association previously announced that stores in Athens will be open nonstop from 9am to 9pm from Thursday, April 25 to Saturday, April 27, and from 11am – 4pm this Sunday April 28.

The platform, which has become the go-to search and booking platform for ferry enthusiasts said over 860,000 trips were made through its site last year, with 640 ships filled with travelers from 181 countries worldwide. Travelers visited 400 destinations in 25 countries.

The price of electricity and natural gas in Europe was down following a substantial surge that began before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and peaked in 2022.