The leader of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Stefanos Kasselakis accompanied by his spouse Tyler McBeth visited the children’s hospital ‘Panagiotis & Aglaia Kyriakou’ Saturday.

After granting permission from the prosecutor’s office, the leader of the main opposition handed out presents to the children and chatted with them, while wished everyone happy holidays.

Kasselakis said that “it is very touching and a great honor to be with the children”.

“We think every day what we want for the new year and what we really want is for our society to be able to see better days, and we believe that there is a sacred responsibility from all of us to help our weaker fellow citizens and especially children like the ones at the Paidon hospital” he underlined.

He handed out presents to the children and in return they sang Christmas carols to him and gave him Christmas drawings.

Apart from his spouse, Kasselakis was accompanied by members of his political party as well as the director of his political office Manolis Kapnisakis.