Main opposition Syriza leader Stefanos Kasselakis lashed out at the government over the draft 2024 budget, during his party’s parliamentary group meeting on Sunday.

Kasselakis criticized the government, saying the budget doesn’t deal with the problem of  high prices, does not protect wage-earners nor the middle class, instead it burdens them even further.

“It is obvious that two different worlds collide,” he said

“What the ministers and MPs of New Democracy are stating these days are taken from the harshest traditions of trickle-down economics…The role of the Left is to replace fear, to bring hope, to replace insecurity with real security, to replace resignation with the interest of the citizen; to replace anger, to bring confidence to a progressive political plan that will change our lives,” he stressed.

He emphasized that “without an effective, interventionist, fair state there can be no prosperity in our society, the potential of the people of the country which is enormous, cannot be utilized.”