Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis responded to a series of questions during interviews with CNN and Bloomberg TV on the sidelines of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland on Friday.

Speaking to Bloomberg TV anchor Francine Lacqua, the Greek PM expressed his optimism regarding the course of the Greek economy for 2024, stressing it had built a sustainable momentum and it was growing much faster than the Eurozone average. He added that foreign investment was coming into Greece as the debt-to-GDP ratio was declining.

On the controversial issue of same-sex marriage, Mitsotakis expressed confidence that a draft bill tabled by his government will pass in Parliament and become law in February.

Additionally, he unveiled new support measures aimed at tackling inflation, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive approach to economic challenges. The interview provided insights into the government’s priorities and initiatives, offering a glimpse into the political and economic landscape of Greece in 2024.

In another interview the Greek prime minister told CNN’s Richard Quest that Greece had managed to navigate the migrant-refugee crisis more effectively than other EU member-states, stressing that the country was safeguarding its borders while at the same time opening safe routes for those interested in legally working in the country.

Asked about the so-called “obstruction” by Hungary in releasing the 50-billion-euro package to Ukraine, Mitsotakis said he was confident a breakthrough would be reached on the matter.