Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis heads to Berlin, Germany today for a scheduled two-day visit to discuss key policy issues such as migration, energy and the Greek economy, with top German and EU officials.

This evening Mitsotakis will attend a dinner that is part of a series of small scale “strategic agenda” talks with EU leaders, hosted by European Council President Charles Michel in the city.

This will be followed by a meeting with Chancellor Olaf Sholz on Tuesday to discuss key bilateral and European policy issues related to security, said German deputy government spokeswomen Christine Hoffman late last week.

Greek government sources note that a meeting with the President of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany is also on the program, and that the Greek government will push its agenda on key policy areas of mutual interest, with a focus on migration, energy security and the Greek economy, particularly in light of the fact that Greece has regained its investment grade status.

This is Mitsotakis’ second visit to the city in just 10 days, as he was there on November 3 for the Berlin Process Western Balkan Summit. At the summit he highlighted Athens’ aim to play a leading role in ending the dependance of the Western Balkans on Russian natural gas by creating the infrastructure to be an energy hub between Southeast Europe and the Middle East, according to reports at AMNA.