Former minister and New Democracy MP Thanos Plevris, speaking on SKAI TV on Jan. 9 stated that he is against same-sex marriages and does not support adoption rights of same-sex couples.

Plevris reaffirmed his decision not to vote for the bill concerning the marriage of same-sex couples and their adopting children.

“This is an issue related to matters of conscience, not linked to political agenda, and my disagreement is expressed through non-support. I will not vote for it.” he stated.

He emphasized that he is against any intervention regarding the existing status of family law, and that such issues have been resolved through cohabitation agreements in simple forms.

As for the proposed law submitted by the opposition party SYRIZA, by which gender specific terms such as ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are abolished and replaced with Parent1 and Parent2 in the civil code and legalizing medically assisted reproduction, the MP supported that this does not exist in any other EU country.

“The role of a surrogate mother is to help women who because of a medical condition cannot reproduce, not to satisfy someone’s ego!” he continued to say.

Finally, he stated that according to his values, a child has its mother and father and that it is neither homophobic nor targeting. “It is what we have experienced for centuries now, and some of us are trying to defend it.”