“The European Council has been unequivocal in its expectations from North Macedonia, which includes the constitutional changes promised to advance its European integration,” stated EC spokesperson Ana Pisonero today when queried about the use of the term “Macedonia” by some politicians, including the country’s Prime Minister and President.

The statement came in light of remarks by government officials in Skopje, including Prime Minister Mickoski and President Davkova who said they would continue to refer to their country as “Macedonia” despite the constitutional change agreed upon in the Prespa Agreement with Greece in 2018.

Pisonero stressed that the EU expressed its regret “for the non-use of the constitutional name of North Macedonia by some of its leaders. This is clearly something that has been agreed upon within the framework of the Prespa Agreement. And it is clear that all parties must respect the terms of the agreements and implement them in good faith.”

The EC spokesperson went on to say that the EU will work closely with the newly-elected government in the nation to achieve progress on substantive reforms and to advance a path towards EU integration.

The spokesperson emphasized that the Balkan country must make the most of the momentum for enlargement to move decisively on its path toward the EU. “You are all well aware of what the European Council has made clear it expects from North Macedonia. And obviously, this also relates to the constitutional amendments the country has essentially committed to making to advance on its EU path.”