In an attempt to assuage farmers’ concerns, PM Mitsotakis promised the return of the Special Consumption Tax (EFK) on diesel fuel in his address in the Greek Parliament, on Friday, responding to a query submitted by the leader of the newly formed parliamentary group “New Left”, Alexis Haritsis, during a Prime Minister Q&A session.

In his speech, the Prime Minister announced the return of the Special Consumption Tax (EFK) on diesel for farmers and an additional 10% discount from the Public Power Corporation (DEI) on agricultural electricity from May to September, during periods of high consumption.

He pledged to reinstate the special consumption tax on diesel, extending it to 2024, in his attempt to alleviate the mounting pressure his government is under in light of farmers’ concerns and protests.

“In consultation with the Ministry of Finance and as the country’s economy is doing well, the return of the special consumption tax on diesel will be extended to 2024. An additional €82 million will be provided,” announced the Prime Minister.

The return of EFK on agricultural diesel fuel is an issue affecting approximately 297,000 professional farmers. For the year 2023, the fiscal cost was €79 million, and the refund amount was 0.41 euros per liter.

Additionally, the PM stressed that a second financial aid package and compensation would open next week from the Greek Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA) for livestock and plants. “33,000 farmers and 2,100 livestock breeders have received 150 million euros for the damages they suffered in 2023, which were disbursed rapidly.”

On the issue of shut-down schools in the region of Thessaly that were hit by Storm Daniel, Mitsoatkis stated that they would be fully operational by September, thanks to the donation from Greek shipowners. He also mentioned that there is no student in Thessaly today who is not attending classes.