In his regular weekly update of his government’s work on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to the postal vote as a historic political reform, characterizing it as a democratic and social achievement that addresses the issue of voter abstention from elections.

The Prime Minister highlighted the significance of the postal vote in bringing Greece closer to Europe and tackling the growing problem of voter abstention. He also touched upon other significant reforms undertaken by the government aimed at improving the daily lives of citizens.

Continuing, he addressed the judicial reform by tightening the framework, such as the strict limitation of trial postponements to just one, preventing an endless prolongation of legal proceedings.

Mitsotakis also mentioned the goal of reducing unemployment to below 10%, the fourth consecutive upgrade of the Greek economy’s investment grade by Fitch, efforts to tackle inflation through the “Permanent Price Reduction” program, and increased scrutiny to combat profiteering with the imposition of substantial fines.

The Prime Minister concluded his post by emphasizing the need for the state’s resilience, describing it as a cornerstone for the future.