On the heels of the Special European Council meeting in Brussels yesterday which was marred by protests of the agricultural sector, Prime Minister Mitsotakis will address Greek parliament today to discuss the issues and concerns of farmers in Greece.

The PM noted yesterday, while still in Brussels, that he would attend parliament to answer questions posed by the New Left party leader Alexis Charitsis.

While the government is expected to announce some measures that aim to reduce production costs, such as the cost of diesel and electricity, the PM is not expected to announce any large measures, according to reports at ToVima.

The PM said yesterday when speaking to press that there should be a European solution stemming from the revision of the common agricultural policy.

“I believe, I think, that the time has come, without calling into question the core of the green transition, the possibility to discuss some adjustments to the policy that will consider the new realities that we can’t ignore. And I want to stress that many of the concerns of farmer are understandable to me and, to a degree, justified.”