The ruling conservative New Democracy (ND) party maintains a substantial lead over its opposition in terms of voter intention ahead of the June European Parliament elections, according to the latest GPO poll conducted for Parapolitika.

Despite the negative impact following the acrimonious debate in Parliament and the failed no-confidence notion over the Tempri train crash ND still appears to garner the support of most voters.

According to the poll, 27.8% of the respondents stated they would choose New Democracy in the upcoming European elections (a lead of 14.6 percentage points), 13.2% SYRIZA-EKM, 11.8% PASOK, 7.9% Greek Solution, 7.5% the Communist Party (KKE), 2.7% Victory (Niki), 2.5% Course of Freedom, and 1.8% the Spartans.

In terms of who the respondents believed would win the elections, New Democracy garners 33.4%, SYRIZA 15.9%, PASOK 14.2%, KKE 9%, the Spartans 2.2%, Greek Solution 9.5%, Victory (Niki) 3.3%, and Course of Freedom 3%.

Regarding the question of who was responsible for the Tempi train crash, 75.8% believe that the opposition is trying to exploit the situation politically. However, 49.2% attribute the blame for the railway accident to the New Democracy government, with 71.7% believing the government was more likely to try to cover up the matter.

Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis’ popularity stands at 45.8%, with 54.1% holding a negative opinion of him.

KKE leader Koutsoumpas follows with 37.5%, while PASOK leader Androulakis is preferred by 29%, followed by Konstantopoulou with 23.7%. SYRIZA leader Kasselakis came in fifth with 21.7%.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis is considered “more suitable” for PM with 39%, followed by Stefanos Kasselakis with 13.2%. Notably, 37% of the respondents said none were suitable for the post.