Ruling conservative New Democracy (ND) holds a commanding lead against its main opposition rivals, according to a survey conducted by Alco pollsters on behalf of Greek TV station “Alpha”.

The findings in the survey, the first pre-election poll for the 2024 European Parliament elections, reaffirmed New Democracy’s dominance in Greek domestic politics.

ND commands a 30.3% share in voter intention among valid responses, followed by the center party PASOK which secured the second position with 12.2%, while leftist SYRIZA holds the third spot with 11.8%.

A noteworthy surge is observed in the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), reaching just below a double-digit percentage at 9.7% in voter intention among valid responses.

Other parties trailing behind include Greek Solution with 5.9%, Victory and Freedom’s Course with 2.8%, New Left with 2.3%, and MeRA25 with 2.1%.

The majority of participants in the survey expressed pessimism about the outlook for Greece in 2024, unsurprisingly, as is affirmed by a recent poll with similar results. Specifically, 56% of respondents believe that 2024 will be either “worse” than, or “equally bad” with 2023, while 37% hold optimistic views, foreseeing a better or equally good year compared to 2023.

In response to questions about expectations for family finances, 60% anticipate that 2024 will be either worse or equally challenging as 2023.

A notable aspect of citizens’ sentiments is that 42% cite financial struggles as their primary concern, followed by 24% expressing worries about health issues. Additionally, 16% fear becoming victims of criminal activities, and 13% express concerns about the escalation of military conflicts.