Political analyst Andreas Drymiotis provided insights into recent poll data during an appearance on a local television station on Wednesday morning.

Focusing on the suitability of political leaders for the role of Prime Minister, he highlighted a consistent trend observed in all polls since the 2023 elections. Notably, half of the voters from the opposition parties, SYRIZA and PASOK-Movement for Change, expressed reservations about the suitability of their respective leaders for the position of prime minister.

Drymiotis underscored that the lack of confidence in the leaders of these opposition parties contributes to the prevailing dominance of New Democracy. New Democracy maintains a significant standing with 38% in voting intention and 41% in perceived suitability for the prime ministerial role. This suggests that even voters from other parties view Mitsotakis as a more fitting candidate for the position.

Addressing concerns about potential damage to New Democracy, in the upcoming European elections, due to the same-sex couples bill, Drymiotis emphasized that “The issue of marriage cuts across all parties horizontally. You will see objections and support from all parties. People have a more relaxed approach to the European elections. It is reminiscent of 2019 when 21% of voters had voted for parties that did not even reach 3%. People approach their vote differently in national elections and European elections.”