As a brief pause in hostilities between Israeli and Hamas took effect in the Gaza Strip on Friday, the first respite in the conflict that has devastated the Palestinian enclave, a recent poll published in Israel’s Maariv newspaper, revealed that current PM Benjamin Netanyahu trails the leader of the opposition, Benny Gantz, by a significant margin in favorability, the latter receiving 52 percent compared to Netanyahu’s 25 percent approval.

The poll showed that if elections were held today, the parties of the government coalition are projected to secure only 41 seats in the Israeli Knesset, while opposition parties surge ahead with 79 seats.

Key findings from the poll include the potential fall of the Religious Zionism party, an ally of the government coalition, below the 3.25% threshold required for entry into the Knesset.

Benny Gantz’s National Unity party is anticipated to gain 43 seats, a substantial increase from the 12 seats it secured in the November 2022 elections. In contrast, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is projected to be limited to 18 seats, down from the 32 seats it held previously.

The survey, conducted on November 15 and 16, does not account for any shifts in voter opinion following the recent agreement between Israel and Hamas for a four-day ceasefire and the release of hostages, marking a potential turning point in the geopolitical landscape.