Main opposition party SYRIZA appears to be edging out centrist PASOK and consolidating the second spot in the upcoming European Parliament elections, according to the latest opinion poll conducted by Interview on behalf of Politic.

The polling data show the ruling New Democracy (ND) party maintains a commanding lead over its opposition, retaining a percentage shy of its 2019 election results (33%) garnering 30% in voter intention, followed by SYRIZA (15.5%) with PASOK coming in third with 14.5%.

Notably, the right-wing party Greek Solution is vying for the 4th spot with the Communist party (KKE), with the former registering 7% to the Communist party’s 6%. The percentages of the New Left (4.5%) and NIKI (3.1%) are close to potentially electing at least one MEP. Between 2% and 3%, five parties collectively gather.

The Movement for Change (KINAL) fails to reach the 3% threshold to elect an MEP as it records 2.3%, as well as the “Democrats” (Andreas Loverdos’ party), and Voice of Reason (Latinopoulou’s party), while the percentage of undecided voters reaches 10%.

Specifically, in terms of valid votes, the results are as follows:

ND: 30% (from 25%)
SYRIZA: 15.5% (from 14.5%)
PASOK: 11% (from 11.4%)
KKE: 6% (from 6.2%)
Greek Solution: 7% (from 10.6%)
New Left: 4.5% (from 4.2%)
Freedom Course: 2.4% (from 2.5%)
NIKI: 3.1% (from 3.9%)