President Joe Biden faced a setback, on Wednesday 6th 2023, as the American opposition in Congress refused to vote in favor of the new economic aid package of wartime funding for Ukraine and Israel, delivering a blow not only to the American president but also to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

The vote result 49 votes for and 51 votes against, fell short of the Senate’s 60-votes threshold to proceed further. Despite Biden’s efforts, the Republican opposition remained unconvinced to endorse a package totaling over $106 billion, which included provisions for Ukraine and Israel and other security needs.

Biden warned that denying further aid to Ukraine would be “the biggest gift” one could offer to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, this plea wasn’t sufficient to sway the Republicans in Congress.

Despite publicly declaring their support Kiev, the Republicans contingent in Congress tied their vote to a domestic issue, which none other than the tightening of American immigration policies. While they continue to vocally back Ukraine, their support hinges on internal matters related to stricter U.S. immigration policy.