Minister of Greek National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatsithakis along with Sofia Zacharaki Minister of Social Cohesion and Family are to announce support measures for young families facing excessive expenses on Monday.

Sources report these new supportive interventions, as requested by MP Mistotakis, are to be implemented promptly, from the beginning of 2024.

With the demographic issue and the shrinking of the Greek population due to low birth rates the prime minister emphasized his government’s conviction to support new families during his recent visit at Davos “We want to particularly support new families, families with children. We are particularly concerned about the decrease in the Greek population. This is an area that is a priority for us. How do we support families? How do we support people who are forced to rent now that rents are increasing? This is a fundamental priority for my government, and you can expect various measures in this direction to be announced very soon.”