SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance President Stefanos Kasselakis addressed the party’s Central Committee on Saturday, amidst disruptions and tensions during his speech by members of SYRIZA who were outside the building and demanded entry into the room, as well as counterclaims within the room directed at the party’s president.

Kasselakis called on the party’s Ethics Committee to decide on the cases of the 4 members – Nikos Filis, Panos Skourletis, Dimitris Vitsas (former SYRIZA Minister), and Stefanos Tzoumakas by Friday, or else there would be a referendum.

Greece’s major opposition party appears to be at a critical juncture following the widening rift between the “old guard” – expressed by the four prominent members, who voiced their open disagreement about where the party is heading – and the news leadership.

Despite the difficulties facing the party, Kasselakis, who emerged on the political scene as an unknown entity winning the party elections, expressed optimism about the growing SYRIZA community.

Some of the key points the SYRIZA leader highlighted in his speech included emphasizing societal concerns and the need for a credible government proposal; stressing the dissatisfaction of the Greek people and the party’s loss of support; declaring the current intra-party squabbling and strife as the last under his presidency; criticizing the tolerance of party officials; urging immediate action to heal SYRIZA from those harming its reputation.