US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis said that Greece played a significant role in NATO as it supported the alliance’s southeastern flank during an interview at the 9th Delphi Economic Forum underway in the historic town of Delphi between April 10-13.

The Ambassador said the United States was committed to modernizing the Greek armed forces via a collaboration between the two nations in the defense sector, elaborating on the next phase after US authorities sent an official Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) regarding the procurement by Greece of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets.

On the easing of tensions between Greece and Turkey, both members of NATO, Tsunis said bilateral relations between the countries had improved significantly emphasizing that the US encouraged both NATO allies to continue on this path.

Regarding talks on the co-production of seven Constellation-class frigates, the US Ambassador confirmed the significance of the contacts, expressing optimism that they would bear fruits in the near future.

Commenting on US investments in Greece, Tsunis said top American companies and other companies from Western countries continued to invest in the country, stressing that US companies were most interested in Greece’s “human capital”.

The US Ambassador said that bilateral relations between Greece and the US had improved rapidly as the latter saw Greece as a geostrategic partner and an important ally in NATO.

He underlined the significance of becoming independent from Russian energy to thwart its capacity to weaponize energy, while he also touched upon the energy projects underway across Greece.

Remarking on the Ukraine war, Tsunis stressed it was imperative the West rally around Ukraine and continue supporting the country in its fight for freedom and democracy.

Regarding the 9th “Our Ocean Conference,” to be hosted by Athens on April 16-17, the US ambassador stated that it is a global conference that sheds light not only on ocean protection but also brings together experts on very important issues related to climate change and overall planet protection (e.g., plastic pollution, overfishing, etc.).