An international workshop (CHASM-24) focusing on technical challenges and the latest perspectives in the computer modelling of materials – especially in relation to energy production – was hosted last week by the University of Thessaly’s (UTH) department of electrical and computer engineering in the central Greek port city of Volos.

Researchers from universities and the private sector from around the world focused on how to more effectively use modelling to develop innovations to expand industrial strategies, especially on better understanding how the behavior of atoms influences engineering scale properties. A variety of technologies were discussed for batteries, new alloys as well as for nuclear and solar energy.

Prof. Alexandros Chroneos (UTH), one of the organizers of CHASM-24, highlighted the significance of the scientific event for the central Greece city, noting that the international workshop assembled leading researchers in the field of atomic scale modelling of materials at the public University of Thessaly.

Among others, results of the EU-funded “Harvestore” project, which includes participation by the specific Greek university, were presented.

On his part, Prof. Robin Grimes, of Imperial College’s faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, a co-organizer of the workshop, pointed to cooperation between researchers and academics in the United Kingdom with top peers in Greece-based institutions as part of the process to multiply and diffuse scientific advancements.