The “Minoan Robotsports Competition Global Olympiad” hosted in Heraklion Crete on April 26-29 successfully wrapped up on Monday.

The 3-day event, co-organized by the Observatory of Innovative Entrepreneurship and the Hellenic Educational Robotics Organization, saw participants, adults, and youth from 36 countries compete in 19 categories.

In addition to the competitive segment, companies and laboratories showcased their innovations to promote creativity in robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and emerging technologies.

The goal competition aimed to cultivate students’ creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, ingenuity, and healthy rivalry, while at the same time being taught about sports robotics, engineering, programming, mathematics, and physics.

Besides focusing on developing technical skills and exposing young people to technological innovations, the organizers also emphasized social skills by boosting their self-confidence and creating bonds between the participants.

The event wanted to train young people to become citizens of the new digital society of information, promote innovation and excellence in cutting-edge technologies, and promote critical thinking in the fields of research and application.