Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens and All Greece on Friday expressed his views on the marriage of same-sex couples, while attending the inauguration ceremony of a primary school in the greater Athens area.

According to reports, when asked about the prospect of legalizing same-sex marriage, the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church said: “A referendum could also be conducted.”

He went on to underscore the importance of the people’s will. “In the end, it’s the people, our nation. If our people choose to move forth with this, they will; if not, they won’t,” he emphasized.

The Archbishop stressed the need for the community to engage, be well-informed and comprehend the implications of the decisions being contemplated. The Archbishop acknowledged the evolving trends in society and questioned whether individuals have the right to shape and redefine it according to their preferences.

Regarding his meeting earlier this month with PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis, which was only disclosed this week, he said a draft law regarding the same-sex marriage was not the reason for the contacts. He added that the Church’s opinion will be officially announced after members of the Holy Synod convene on Tuesday.

“It is a societal issue; the Church will not take up arms, but it has a duty to inform the people. And each one of us should not, in such significant matters, think about what is right-wing, what is left-wing, or what the centrist faction will say.”