Greece’s finance ministry is expected to submit, possibly in the next few days, a draft bill envisioning the automatic detection of vehicles in the country that are not insured or have passed inspection.

The draft bill, which will first be unveiled for public deliberation, also foresees stiffer fines for vehicle owners who do have not paid road fees before an end-of-the-year deadline.

The new online cross-checking system aims to reduce the scourge of uninsured vehicles in the country, as well as ones that have not been inspected by authorized auto centers for road and passengers’ safety, as well as emissions. The draft bill also adapts the EU’s motor insurance directive (MID).

According to reports, at least half a million vehicles in Greece are uninsured, while the number of those without inspections is unknown.

The only current method of detecting such vehicles and their owners at present is police roadblocks.