The Greek Public Employment Service (D.Y.P.A) is holding the first online European Career Day dedicated to tourism recruitment in Greece, on Feb. 7, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in partnership with the National Coordination Office of the European Employment Services (EURES).

The event is supported by the European platform European Online Job Days and focuses exclusively on the sectors of tourism, hospitality, and catering. Its aim is to facilitate the connection between Greek and European citizens seeking employment and businesses in these sectors in Greece that are recruiting personnel for the summer tourist season of 2024.

The procedure is simple with tourism businesses wishing to participate in the event creating their profiles (register or log in) and posting job positions until Tuesday, Feb. 6. More than 80 companies have already registered, offering over 1,000 job positions of various specialties and skill levels.

On the other hand individuals seeking employment have the opportunity to register or log in on the platform, during the event, for free. The goal is to upload their resumes, find employment opportunities, stay informed about the job market in Greece, and engage in conversations with employers.

During the event, seeking employment will have the opportunity to:
• Attend a presentation on the Greek Job Market in both Greek and English.
• Attend the presentation “How to Create an Effective Resume” in both Greek and English.
• Attend the presentation of the myDYPAlive tool.
• View the profiles of businesses seeking personnel and the available job positions.
• Conduct online interviews with businesses.
• Engage in direct conversations with registered employers and EURES advisors of the D.Y.P.A through the online live CHAT tool.