Eurostat’s latest report indicates that the average price of unleaded gasoline in Greece last week stood at 1.934 euros, compared to a European average of 1.759 euros. This makes Greece the second most expensive country in the Eurozone for gasoline.

These hikes in fuel prices have not only caused headaches for drivers, they have also affected gas station owners, as consumers in Northern Greece opt to purchase cheaper gasoline from Bulgaria and Turkey.

Nikos Papageorgiou, President of the Gas Traders’ Association in the Greater Athens region, spoke about the trajectory of fuel prices on MEGA TV today, stating that “Taxes are the main factor in the price burden, resulting in the final gasoline price at Greek gas stations being higher than the European average.”

He added that the price of gasoline in Slovakia stands at 1.69 euros, while diesel currently costs 1.54 euros per liter in Austria, 1.37 euros in Bulgaria, and 1.55 euros per liter in the Czech Republic.

Finally, Papageorgiou predicted further rises in the price of gasoline as Easter approaches, expecting most gas stations to break the 2 euro barrier.