The Greek government has tabled an amendment in Parliament to institute a so-called ‘Godparents Basket’ to identify and fix the lowest prices for children’s toys and accessories ahead of the Orthodox Easter period (Easter Sunday falls on May 5 this year), traditionally a time for gifting toys, chocolates and clothing to children, especially by godparents.

If ratified, as is widely expected, the measure will be in force from April 22 to May 4, 2024.

Essentially, retailers will identity the lowest price for each relevant product on their shelves, and commit to keeping the same price for a week.

Retailers selling children’s toys and related goods with more than one million euros in annual revenue are required to regularly provide the development ministry with a detailed catalogue of prices for those products, one included in the “Godparents’ Basket”.

Retailers must also display products in the specific list, including on online platforms.