Greece’s defense minister on Friday announced a prospective program to develop and field a anti-drone “dome” for the coutnarmed forces.

Speaking from the northeast border city of Xanthi, and during a hand-over ceremony of command of the Hellenic Army’s 4th army corps, Minister Nikos Dendias said such an anti-drone “dome” system aims to ensure that Greek armed forces are protected from the 21st century military threat entailed in drone and UAV warfare.

No further details were added.

The ceremony witnessed the handover of command from Lt. Gen. Democritos Konstantakos to Lt. Gen. Stavros Papastathopoulos.

Despite a warming of relations of late, Greece’s armed forces have faced repeated contact over the past few years with Turkish UAVs operating in the eastern Aegean, with overflights of islands also reported.

The neighboring country’s leadership, which has often expressed a revisionist and at time belligerent stance, has also expressed a drive to develop and unmanned surface vehicle (saildrones) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).