Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias visited the Hellenic Navy frigate “Hydra” on Sunday before it sailed from Djibouti to commence its participation in the European Union’s (EUNAVFOR) “Aspides” mission, which aims to protect shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
The minister was accompanied by Hellenic National Defense General Staff Chief Gen. Dimitrios Houpis and HN General Staff Chief Vice-Adm. Dimitrios E. Kataras.
The frigate arrived in the small Horn of Africa coastal state for resupply.
Meanwhile, the Hydra will be replaced over the next three months by another Greek warship, with the frigate “Psara” announced as the replacement.
The latter is reportedly undergoing a fast-track upgrading and maintenance.
As previously noted, the Aspides’ land headquarters is based in the central Greece city of Larissa.