The procedures for obtaining legal ownership titles for individuals who wish to acquire encroached public lands are expected to “run” until early March. Citizens will submit their applications and supporting documents to an electronic platform with payments potentially limited to as low as 20% of the properties’ fair market value. The payment can be made in up to 60 interest-free installments.

The application and supporting documents include a submission fee of 300 euros, which is either deducted from the purchase price or refunded if the application is rejected.

The supporting documents required include:
• Topographic diagram of the public property with an engineer’s statement.
• Aerial photographs from either 1992 or earlier, or from 1982, depending on the case.
• Land valuation sheet for the objective value of the land.
• Building terms certification from the relevant building authority.
• Building permit, if available.
• Proof of payment of the submission fee.
• Titles demonstrating ownership and an accompanying note reflecting the possession by the applicant and their legal successors, according to those titles.
• Affidavit regarding the extent of the public properties to be acquired.
• Document indicating the use of the public property by the applicant.
• Copy of the income tax declaration (E1 form) and the E9 form.
• Extract from the cadastral diagram and cadastral sheet of the National Cadastral Code (N.C.C.) of the public property, concerning the acquisition request, provided that there is a cadastral office operating in the area.
• Administrative determination document of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) for the last five years preceding the acquisition request.
• Judicial decision indicating the applicant’s ownership of the public property.
• Document confirming that the applicant is registered as the owner of the public property in the initial cadastral records.

If the application is approved, a certificate is issued within five days, describing the property, the applicant’s details and the purchase price. Payments can be made either in a lump sum or in installments over 60 equal, interest-free monthly payments. Each installment must not be less than 100 euros. In case of a lump sum payment, a 10% discount on the purchase price is provided.