The Ministry of Development launched the “household basket” initiative in late 2022 to battle rising food prices. The measure aims to support low-income families by stabilizing the prices of products that are considered essential for households, against inflationary pressures.

Sixty products are included in the “household basket,” and are offered to consumers at fixed prices. The items are updated every week to counter inflation trends.

The program applies to all supermarket chains with a turnover exceeding €90 million, while it is optional for smaller chains.

Businesses obligated to follow the protocol will have to inform consumers of the basket items through promotional flyers, product labeling, or a dedicated section in the store.

The Ministry of Development runs an official website available for consumers to be informed on which items are in the basket every week in different supermarkets and compare prices between them.

Non-compliant chains will face a fine of €5,000. No information is currently available on the consumer’s ability to report violations, however.

An indicative household basket includes items from the following categories:

Rice, Bread, Pasta, Poultry, Cold Cuts, Frozen Seafood, Milk, Yoghurt, Cheese, Eggs, Margarine And Other Vegetable Fats, Olive Oil and Other Edible Oils, Frozen Vegetables, Sugar, Baby Food, Coffee, Cocoa And Chocolate Powder, Tea, Bottled Mineral Water and other beverages, Cleaning And Maintenance Products, Personal Hygiene Products, Baby Products, Pet Food.