Inspired by TikTok, the three co-founders of the startup Uplodio—Konstantinos Lampropoulos, Alexis Vasileiou, and Konstantinos Ketselidis—utilize an AI algorithm to strategically guide companies’ advertising efforts towards suitable influencers, optimizing their campaigns for maximum social media impact.

Uplodio improves influencer discovery and management for Digital Marketing Agencies and Brands, using advanced AI to deliver tailored influencer recommendations aligned with campaign objectives such as brand image, product features, and video themes.

Inspired by the rapid growth of TikTok as an advertising platform, Uplodio’s inception arose when one Co-Founder, with a background in marketing, recognized the hurdles companies faced in navigating its advertising landscape. The challenging process of sourcing content creators/influencers for marketing agencies emphasized a need for innovation.

For the three co-founders, the journey of founding a startup was a shared aspiration, fueled by a collective drive to address industry challenges and offer better solutions. Recognizing a gap in the marketing sector, they soon embarked on the path to entrepreneurship.

“The company’s initial focus is in Greece, where we’ll refine our product based on user feedback before expanding into other European markets,” affirm the three founders, outlining their strategic approach to growth.