The Greek women’s water polo team makes history as they secured the bronze medal with a 7-6 victory over Italy in the small final of the European Championship on Jan. 13. This triumph also ensured their participation in the Olympic Games after a 16-year.

In a lightning move, Nicole Eleftheriadou puts Greece ahead on the scoreboard and demands that skeptics remain silent. Immediately after, Ioanna Stamatopoulou pulls down the shutters, maintaining the precious lead.

Greece triumphs over Italy 7-6 in the small final of the European Championship, claiming a spot on the podium. More importantly, they secure a ticket to the Olympic Games for the first time in 16 years. The summer in Paris promises to be exciting.

This bronze medal marks the 13th in the history of the women’s national water polo team. However, it pales in comparison to the Olympic qualification. The last time the women’s team participated in the Olympic Games was in 2008 in Beijing. Since then, they have won nine medals of all shades in major competitions but had not played in an Olympic tournament. They achieve it this year. This bronze is a real triumph.

The women’s national team also secured participation in the upcoming World Championship in Doha next month. And this summer, they will compete in the Olympic Games alongside the men’s national team. Greece stands as a global force in water polo.

Source: Mega TV