Greece’s national women’s water polo team has made it to World Aquatics Championship semifinals following its 14-12 win over Italy in the quarterfinals.

The country is in the top four in the world for the first time since 2011, and will face Hungary on February 14 on 16:30. Meanwhile, the USA and Spain will face-off for the Women’s semifinal on the same day at 15:00.

In the quarterfinals match, Greece was ahead of Italy 3-0, which proved to be pivotal for the rest of the match as Greece kept only a marginal lead in the second and third quarter and Italy outscored Greece 5-3 in the last quarter, but it still was not enough to overcome the Greek team.

Looking ahead to the match against Hungary, Greece will unfortunately not have one of its biggest players, Xenaki, at its disposal as she received a red card.