The Greek Artistic Swimming team has qualified for the team free championship finals at the ongoing 2024 World Aquatics Championship being held at Doha, which is scheduled for Friday February 9 at 13:00.

The Greek team currently holds 12th place and ranked 8th out of 15 teams in the qualifying competition, according to an announcement of the Greek Swimming Federation.

The following athletes participated in the qualifier: Maria Alzigouzi, Thalia Dambali, Zoe Karangelou, Maria Karapanagiotou, Danae Kariori, Ifigenia Kromidaki, Sofia Malkogeorgiou and Sofia Rigakou.

Their program received a score of 109.6500 for artistic expression and 161.3251 for execution, reaching a total score of 270.9751, with a difficulty grade of 45.1500.

China was the best scoring team, earning 338.4981, followed by Japan at 319.4124 and Spain at 308.2480.