As Olympiacos Piraeus readies for the historic clash with Aston Villa in the first leg of the UEFA Conference League semi-finals, scheduled for May 2 in England, the Greek team has become the talk of the town across Europe, and especially at the UEFA headquarters.

The Reds this season have achieved the rare and unparalleled feat of having two teams compete in the final stages of the top European club flight vying for two European trophies.

The club’s youth team is in the final of the UEFA League, the equivalent of the UEFA Men’s Champions League, and the first team is in the semi-finals of the Conference League. Until recently, only Italian giants AC Milan had managed to achieve this success, but their first team was eliminated in the Europa League.

Olympiacos, led by owner Evangelos Marinakis, who is seeing his efforts over time and dreams bearing fruits, has become the top trend in UEFA.

And rightfully so, as high-ranking officials of the European Football Federation are marveling at the success of the Reds. They are watching a club that has for years gone far beyond the Greek standards in all aspects, garnering widespread admiration by being among the elite of Europe alongside giants of the sport.

This is what the club is vying for. The U19 Olympiacos team will play against AC Milan on Monday night (April 22) at the Colovray Sports Centre in Nyon, France in front of the UEFA President, Aleksander Ceferin, and the General Secretary, Theodore Theodoridis (who has even more reason to rejoice for this magical red-and-white season), and the entire European football fanbase, to become the champions of Europe! An unprecedented development that, as Sotiris Sylaidopoulos said, is simply magical! The men’s team of Olympiacos has the greatest challenge, as in early May it will face one of the best teams in the Premier League, Aston Villa, currently 4th in the Premier League, aiming to make another breakthrough to reach the final of Nea Philadelphia in Athens!

This truly is a historic season, a great breakthrough by Olympiacos teams beyond all expectations.

No matter the outcome of the two historic matches, what Olympiacos has already achieved cannot change, namely, the club has become a hot topic across Europe. It was a magical season under the leadership of Evangelos Marinakis, who since 2010 when he took the reins of the club has transformed it into a top-tier European club in all sports. Olympiacos has surpassed Greek standards in football, with Marinakis this year seeing his efforts and dreams vindicated, experiencing magical moments. And proving that his love for the Reds is a steady guide, with the goal for Olympiacos to be at the top everywhere and never stop dreaming!