The success of Olympiacos in Istanbul with the qualification for the Conference League semi-finals, as well as the presence of the team’s U19 youth squad in the Youth League final (Monday, April 22), have catapulted the “Reds” to the forefront at a pan-European level.

It couldn’t be otherwise, as what the Piraeus team has managed constitutes a remarkable achievement, and Olympiacos President Evangelos Marinakis has many reasons to feel satisfied with the club’s progress in Europe.

The runs of the two teams, regardless of whether the first team advances to the Conference final or if the U19 team wins the trophy, prove in the most emphatic way that great progress has been made.

Both the teams’ runs in their respective competitions prove the tremendous potential of Olympiacos, and the success of the team is now a topic of discussion in European football forums.

As stated earlier regardless of the outcome of the two matches, a breakthrough had been achieved, since what matters above all is that Olympiacos is “building” on solid foundations, on sturdy “grounds” for the future of the club.

This is a future that involves all levels of the team’s academy, reaching the first squad of the club, and constructing a framework of football evolution and development.

Following the game in Istanbul, Olympiacos President  Marinakis emphasized that the qualification, the great success, would accompany future generations, and that is the truth.

It is clear that the leader of the “Reds” persisted with his plans for European success, fought to get Olympiacos to the European semi-finals, and now he is being vindicated for his perseverance and efforts.

He is vindicated because he supported the dream of a great distinction for Olympiacos in Europe.

This season will be a milestone for generations of Olympiacos fans to come, and the goal is, of course, for this success to act as a springboard for further great success in the future.

It is a season in which Olympiacos, under the presidency of Marinakis, wrote the most glorious page in the club’s history and continues to dream.

The dreams do not stop for the club and the goal is, of course, continuous improvement.

Olympiacos achieved something great, something historic, both with the men’s team and with the U19 team, and it is a given that whatever happens in the matches against Aston Villa and in the Youth League final against Milan, history has been made. The Greek team is enjoying the ultimate success at all levels. Europe is talking about the biggest and most popular club in the country, and the “Reds” are simply expanding their glory.