Occupancy rates in certain hotels and accommodation rented through online platforms like Airbnb are close to 100%. The trend is particularly evident in mountain destinations across the Greek mainland.

Greece’s two largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, record the highest occupancy rates, especially over the New Year period. International “escapes” are also very popular with oversees visitors planning 4-to 5-day getaways this year.

During the New Year period, occupancy rates range from 66% to 70%.

Hotels in Ioannina and the surrounding villages are nearly full, with demand exceeding 90%. Zagorochoria, Tzoumerka, Konitsa, and Metsovo have attracted travelers again this year, while interest in Dodoni and Pogoni particularly high.

Kalavryta’s occupancy stands at 75%, and local businesses estimate that full capacity will be reached over the Christmas season.

Strong demand is also noted in Arachova, Karpenissi, Kastoria, and Trikala of Corinth. Destinations with theme parks, such as Drama and Trikala, are particularly popular for families with young children.