Bavarian-based German news outlet “Münchner Merkur” reports that German holidaymakers had spent a record amount in 2023, with Greece taking the lion’s share, citing data from the German Bat Research Institute.

The report notes that despite the surge in inflation and significant income loss during the pandemic, and while vacations have been getting more expensive in recent years, Germans were not deterred from continuing to travel for leisure.

The data, based on a study that surveyed a sample of 3,000 individuals aged 18 and over from Germany about their travel habits in 2023, showed that last year, Germans spent an average of €1,538 on their vacations. The average family of four paid over €6,000 for a trip in 2023, with German vacationers spending the most money on vacations in Greece, €1,755, followed by Spain with €1,663.

Daily vacation expenses also hit a record high in 2023, as Germans spent an average of €129 per day, marking a 19% hike compared to two years prior. Greece was the most expensive destination at €160 per day. The largest price increases compared to the previous year were seen in Spain at 35% (€126), Austria at 29% (€133), and transatlantic tourist destinations at 27% (€142). Vacation costs also increased in Germany, reaching €132 per day, despite lower transportation costs to the destination. In Scandinavia, costs remained relatively stable, with a modest 2% increase.