The pivotal role of the European tourism industry in shaping political discourse was highlighted during a recent gathering hosted by the Hotel Chamber of Greece on May 29, 2024.

At the event, Hospitality Europe, HOTREC presented its “Manifesto,” delineating key priorities for the hospitality sector ahead of the upcoming European Parliament elections.

HOTREC outlined five strategic imperatives for EU decision-makers over the next five years, with a primary focus on bolstering tourism and positioning it as a cornerstone of EU policy.

This emphasis stems from tourism’s extensive interconnectivity with various sectors and its significant contribution, amounting to 10% of Europe’s Gross Domestic Product.

Moreover, the adoption of effective measures at both European and national levels is deemed essential to attract, train, and retain talent within the industry.

Fair digital regulations are highlighted as pivotal in maintaining an equitable relationship between hospitality enterprises and online intermediaries.

Equally critical is the establishment of a sustainable business ecosystem, coupled with sufficient EU support to expedite the hospitality sector’s transition towards environmental sustainability.

Finally, the industry acknowledges the importance of adapting to consumer preferences, emphasizing the need for clarity and comprehensive information dissemination.

Hellenic Chamber of Hotels President, Alexandros Vassilikos, emphasized “Tourism plays a crucial role in the European economy, supporting SMEs and driving employment, particularly in Greece.”