Hellenic Post (ELTA), Greece’s state-run postal service, hopes to soon begin delivering to remote areas using cargo-drones, following a strategic alliance with the world’s first self-styled cargo airline, the Bulgaria-based Dronamics.

Under the slogan “We are Everywhere, Better”, the Greek postal service aims to bring various small isles in the Aegean, and even remote mountainous destinations, within its range.

“With Dronamics, we are jointly examining the possibility of using cargo drones (remotely piloted small planes) to transport mail and parcels weighing up to 350 kilos to remote areas not adequately served by conventional air transport,” new ELTA CEO Grigoris Sklikas explained.

The large, by drone standards, delivery of cargo weighing 350 kilos is ostensibly within the capabilities of Dronamics’s flagship “Black Swan” aircraft. The latter is also touted as being able to fly a distance of up to 2,500 km (1,550 miles).

“Together with Dronamics, we will provide services all over Greece; faster, farther and in a greener way. This partnership is a turning point in our reorganization, since it summarizes our motto for the future: Reaching everywhere, better,” he added

The innovation comes after 143 understaffed or “unprofitable” post offices across the country were closed in recent months.

Greece is the launch market for Dronamics’ commercial operations, which are expected to begin early next year. The cargo drone airline is also interested in establishing a same-day service connecting Athens with the north of the country, as well as various islands.

Last month, the Emirates Post Group (EPG) signed a letter of intent with Dronamics to explore the use of cargo drones in the UAE. According to media reports, EPG will explore and test Dronamics’ cargo drone service to enable same-day mid-range and long-range deliveries.