Excessive Heatwave Persists Until Monday, Temps Cool on Tuesday

By the middle of the coming week, temperatures will return to seasonal averages of around 35°C for maximum temperatures

Weather: Severe Summer Squalls to Follow Heat Wave

A cooler air mass early next week will gradually replace the current high pressure front, leading to instability and mostly afternoon storms

Meltemi Keeping Aegean Sea Surface Temps Close to Normal

Data released by shows that sea surface temps in the Med are as much as 6 degrees above normal in some areas, but that the Meltemi's cooling effect on the Aegean sea has kicked-in

Extreme Heat Continues, Wind Gusts Fuel Fires in Greece

Greece’s Civil Protection authority has issued a high fire risk for the coming days as an extended heatwave continues.

Critical Week for Great Sea Interconnector Project

Linking grids of Israel, Cyprus and Greece, ie mainland Europe, of geopolitical importance for EU; Cypriot concerns cited costs to consumers

Balkans Blackout Highlights Climate Threats to Power Grids

The surge in electricity demand during the heat wave and the power deficit in Balkan markets have driven up prices in the Greek wholesale electricity market.

Running the Well Dry: Greece’s Looming Water Crisis

Greece is among the top 25 most water-stressed countries worldwide, increasing the potential for a water crisis

Severe Heat Wave Grips Greece

Inland areas of mainland Greece, particularly in the west and north, are expected to experience extreme temperatures reaching 41 to 42 degrees Celsius, possibly even hitting 43 degrees Celsius in some places.