Sustainable Tourism on the Defensive at OOC-9

"If we keep doing what we are doing, we will destroy it all" - President & CEO of Alta Seas and the Port of Los Angeles

Greece: Weather Alert For Friday, Saturday

Winds will be strong, reaching up to 8 on the Beaufort scale

Greece Aims to Boost Energy Capacity, Economy with Offshore Wind Farms

Greece’s Energy Ministry is pushing legislation to accelerate the construction of the first floating wind farms in Greek seas

Oliver Röpke : The Ocean is a Complex and Interconnected System, Which Needs Knowledge-based Policy

The President of European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Oliver Röpke told To Vima "The ocean is a complex and interconnected system, which needs knowledge-based policy. This is why the EESC has called for an involvement of different disciplines and expertise, like data, sciences, psychology, sociology, economy in the development of the policy".

Greek PM Announces €2 Billion Decarbonization Fund for Greek Islands

Greece bolstered its drive for a greener economy with the launch of a €2 Billion Decarbonization Fund for the Greek islands.

Our Ocean Greece Secures 11.3 billion in New Commitments

More than 3,800 participants representing more than 119 countries attended and contributed with 469 new commitments worth $11.3 billion that aim to restore the health of our oceans and seas

The Balancing Act of Regenerating Schinias Beach

The forest of Schinias is regenerating itself, mounds of dead seagrass are combating beach erosion and 26,000 kg of trash have been removed, but societal pressure for easy beach access remains high

Europe’s Tourism Bodies Sign Landmark Rhodes Climate Change Declaration

Europe’s travel and tourism stakeholders agreed to address the challenges posed by climate change through sustainable actions and cooperation.